Righteous Gelato Academy Experience

Righteous Gelato Academy Experience


Where gelato dreams come true. Experience a behind the scenes look at where all the magic happens. In 90 minutes you’ll get a tour of our HQ, a glimpse into our culture and history as well as the opportunity to craft the gelato flavour of your dreams (Yes, you are actually making it yourself!). This is a hands on gelato making experience where you and a partner will create one flavour of your choosing, and 4 pints each of your custom flavour to take home. Each person will need their own individual ticket. 

If you have an open date ticket please email experience@righteousgelato.com with your order number and your preferred date from the drop down menu below to book. 

Not seeing the date you’re looking for, or are you interested in booking an experience for a larger group?

Frequently asked questions

How often Gelato Academies run?

Right now Academies are available every Saturday, however if you are looking for a special date or time, or looking for us to host a larger group, shoot us an email to experience@righteousgelato.com and we’ll make it happen!

I have an open date ticket, what do I do?

Check out the dates we currently have available and email us with your ticket number to confirm your spot!

I want a physical ticket for a gift instead of the virtual receipt. How do I get them?

We are happy to mail you physical copies of the Gelato Academy tickets through standard mail. Please email us at experience@righteousgelato.comwith your order # and mailing address and we can get those sent to you! NOTE: Do not select ship option when checking out as this will charge you additional fees.

I have an allergy, can I still come?

Absolutely! We have tons of dairy, nut and gluten free options. Just give us a heads up at the time of your booking.

What kind of flavours can I choose from?

Malted, salted, spices, matcha, boozy, honey, maple, lavender, vanilla, caramel, coffee, peanut butter, orange blossom, almond, banana, cassis, smoke, fig, pretzels, cookies, hazelnut, white chocolate, rose water, mallows, and a daily selection of fruits, and more!

How old do you have to be to attend?

Everyone is welcome! But to get the full hands on experience that we want you to enjoy, it’s  best suited for those 14 and up!

What should I wear?

You do you! But you’ll want to be comfy for optimal gelato making, and best to wear closed toed shoes. We’d also recommend you save time on a fancy hairdo, as hairnets are mandatory in our kitchen.

Can I take pictures of the Factory?

Absolutely! Just make sure to tag us on social media so we can share the #GelatoLove. But seriously, if there’s any confidential information throughout your tour, your guide will let you know not to take any pics.

Where are you located?

Our HQ is located at 110 221 19th Street S.E Calgary, Alberta

Can I book further in advance?

You bet! Just shoot us an email at experience@righteousgelato.com and we can get you all set up!

Do you have parking?

We do, feel free to park in any of the Righteous parking stalls, or there’s also plenty of street parking.

Do you serve drinks?

We have Italian sodas and a full espresso bar available, but if you’d like to add something custom, just shoot us an email at experience@righteousgelato.com and we can chat!

Do you serve food?

Just Gelato, but the possibilities are endless! If you are looking to add a charcuterie board we can make that happen! Just send us an email to experience@righteousgelato.com at the time of your booking.

Can I sample your other flavours?

ABSOLUTELY! Feel free to sample any (or all) of the flavours from the case while you’re here.. Just make sure to let us know your favorite ;)


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Stephanie Fleming

Righteous Gelato Academy Experience

Gelato Academy

Our group of four had an amazing Gelato Academy experience.

The behind the scenes tour and tasting portion offered by Miles was fantastic - what a great company and what great Gelato!

Then we had the pleasure of working with Glenn, our Master Gelato Making Mentor, to craft our very own flavours using a wide array of ingredients. We were delighted with our finished products and happily took home 8 pints and additional single serve cups.

I'd highly recommend the Academy to anyone looking for a unique and fun-filled experience. Thanks for an awesome (or should I say Righteous) afternoon!

Gelato Academy

I attended the Gelato Academy in January this year. Miles and Marilyn were incredible hosts and had so much knowledge to share. The entire experience was interesting, engaging and fun. Such a unique experience to create your very own gelato flavour. I highly recommend doing this if you are looking for something new to do, a gift for someone, or just an excuse to eat gelato. I will recommend this to all of my friends and family!!

Deb C
So helpful and perfect gift!

I was worried about the gift certificates not making it on time for Christmas but the staff helped me out and my nephew received it on time. Truly appreciate their help and kindness!

Righteous Birthday Activity!

"A Gelato Academy session for my birthday was truly a 'Righteous' way to celebrate! This is a hidden gem activity in Calgary for a weekend afternoon and highly recommend gelato lovers give it a try.

Glenn was our master gelato instructor, and Miles offered tastings in the café along with a site tour while our product was finishing in the freezer. We had so much fun choosing different ingredients from a generous selection to create our very own signature flavour, and we were very excited to take home lots of finished product! The session yielded eight jars, and nine single-serve cups. Yum!

Many thanks to Righteous Gelato for offering this unique opportunity, and especially to Glenn and Miles for a fun-filled session. You made my birthday a memorable one!"