Culture is 🔑 at Righteous Gelato

Friday October 21, 2022

Hey Friends - Do you know October is Employee Ownership month?!

Long ago James set out to ensure everyone in the organization had an opportunity to share in the success of the organization through employee ownership and profit sharing. 

We are very passionate about this and Culture is 🔑 when it comes to who we are as a team. 

Here’s a few highlights of the Righteous-onians who make for the rad atmosphere that makes this place so special to come to each and every day (the unlimited gelato, hot lunch and free lattes don’t hurt either 😉). 

Brittany - 13 Years ( team member #001)
When great companies get their start there are a few individuals that can see the true potential. Brittany is one of those. Her experience with Righteous from the early days of Kensington, right through both fires, every growing pain, and the invention of almost every position means that very few hold the knowledge, experience and grit that she does. Now as the guardian of brand connection, Britt is an integral part of the fabric of the company and the definition of what it takes to be successful at Righteous.


John B - 10 Years 

John B is not just James’ Dad, but a Father figure to many of us at Righteous. A true jack of all trades, someone who always provides the best words of wisdom, and more officially, is our Facilities and Trades Manager. John B will never fully “retire” from Righteous, and makes sure to stop by to check on things and grab a coffee most days of the week! 


James O - 9 Years

James O holds the prestigious title of being the inaugural winner of The Spirit of Righteous Award, and plays a hand in multiple areas of the business. He exemplifies what it means to grow in the organization and seize the opportunities that Righteous creates for those who put in the work. James O keeps this whole ship running in tip top shape! He is there to make sure everything works as it should, that we have the best tools for the job


Evan - 8 Years

Evan’s journey begins far before Righteous ever existed. Tim, Evan’s Dad, gave James his first real job at 14. Fast forward 16 years, and a chance encounter at the Farmer’s market had James offering Tim’s son (Evan) a gig with Righteous. Evan took that opportunity joining our production team, and quickly showcased our most important trait - grit. Evan has grown into our Supply Chain Manager, so if it’s coming in or out of the Righteous HQ, Evan knows about it! 


Camila - 7 Years

If you’ve been to our Calgary Gelato Factory & Coffee Bar, chances are you’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Camila. She’s the queen of all things scoops and the leader behind our amazing cafe team. If you need a pick me up, come visit Camila, you’re sure to leave smiling. Camilla is also the MVP of keeping the whole Righteous team caffeinated and is always around for the best chats & laughs to keep with vibes high! 


Marilyn - 7 Years 

During Marilyn’s trial shift, when James came in to ask how it was going, she didn’t miss a beat and kept shrink-wrapping gelato while they chatted! This is exactly how Marilyn has grown from being a helping hand in production, to leading our fan experiences, to where she is now - Righteous Product Development Lead. Every day Marilyn works on preparing new innovations, heightening the quality of our products, and leading all of our taste-testing... yep, that’s a real thing! She also does about a million other things - it’s been said she can do every job at Righteous. Marilyn is an integral part of our culture and embodies our Core Virtue “Enjoy the ride, together”


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