Our Gelato and Sorbetto

What’s the difference between gelato and ice cream?

Gelato has less fat, less sugar and less air!

What’s the difference between gelato and sorbetto?

Gelato is made with dairy while sorbetto is dairy free; sorbetto is typically made with fruit and water.

Why are other ice cream pints so light?

The term for the amount of air whipped into ice cream is “overrun.” Typically ice cream contains 80-90% overrun, our gelato and sorbetto have only 30-35% overrun. A lower amount of air getting whipped into our gelato means you end up with a denser final product, resulting in more flavour per bite.

What does plant based gelato mean?

Our plant based gelato gives you the rich creaminess of regular gelato but is 100% dairy free (really, you’d never know). One of our goals at Righteous is to create something for everyone, regardless of allergies. We worked to develop these recipes, using the most simple, clean ingredients we could find, and we couldn’t be happier how they’ve evolved. Our plant based lineup currently includes Peanut Butter & Jam, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Roasted Pistachio and Salted Hazelnut.

Is your gelato and sorbetto all natural?

We use nothing artificial, ever! Our stabilizer comes from plants and, aside from the natural sugars found in fruit, we use cane sugar to sweeten our gelato and sorbetto.

I have an allergy, is your gelato safe for me?

Take a read through our allergen memo to help you make a decision that is right for you!

Are all your flavours gluten free?

Yes! Our production facility does not use ingredients containing gluten. That means almost all of our flavours are free of gluten. Look for the Certified Gluten Free Logo on our package.

Is Chocolate Easter Egg coming back?

Never say never!

I have a genius flavour idea, where can I share it?

We love ideas! We’ve even brought a couple fan favourites to life (Hello, Birthday Cake Timbit!)  Shoot us a note at hello@righteousgelato.ca

Are your pints recyclable?

They sure are! PET plastic is one of the most widely recycled materials. Take a look at our Impact Page for more information and find out how you can #recyclehappiness, too!

Do you offer cakes?

We do for our Calgary fans! Choose up to three of our current flavors from our website and we will create a layered Gelato Cake for you. Additionally, we offer the option to add custom text on top. Simply contact us to place your order at 403-452-3150 or hello@righteousgelato.com. 

Buying Righteous

Can I buy Righteous pints from my local grocery store?

Yes! You can get Righteous just about anywhere you shop in Canada and select stores in USA! Enter your postal code right here to find the store closest to you

I can’t find the flavour I want in my city, what should I do?

That’s no good! If you’re looking for a specific flavour you can use our Where To Buy map to locate the store carrying it closest to you. If you don’t have any luck there just bring this letter to your favorite retailer to request that they order it in for you.

I live in Calgary, can I order online and pick-up locally?

Yes! Please place your order through Calgary Curbside. Once your order is ready, we will let you know and you can pick it up locally at #110-221 19 Street SE on Tuesdays 9AM-530PM!

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, we do! You can purchase a gift card either in our cafe or through our online store.

Quality Assurance

Why are there crystals on the top of my pint?

Oh no! Sounds like your pint may have been left out of the freezer too long during transportation. Please email hello@righteousgelato.ca and we’ll make it right!

What if my safety seal isn’t sealed completely?

If you’re afraid that your pint has been tampered with please email hello@righteousgelato.ca and we’ll help you out.

I can’t get my lid off, it’s too tight/stuck. What do I do?

We’re so sorry about that! Our team is aware of this issue and have implemented new steps to test tightness on each pint while we work on a longterm solution.

Meanwhile, check out this video for a step by step on how to remove a lid that has gottent stuck:

If you still cannot remove the lid, please email us at hello@righteousgelato.com.

What happened to the foil seals under the lid?

We have now transitioned to a clear label that reaches from the top of lid to the side of our label. Don’t worry although this looks like a normal piece of tape it’s actually a freezer grade adhesive.

Meanwhile, check out this video from our quality team to learn more: Tamper Proof Seal Update

Please email hello@righteousgelato.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Our Company

What does the name Righteous mean?

To us it means better than expected. To be awesome, virtuous, morally right, and most of all, a beacon of amazing moments.

What makes you Righteous?

There are many factors, but the simplest answer is we don’t cut corners. We source the best possible ingredients as locally as possible, which costs more, but you can taste the difference. Our pints are made of recyclable plastic as opposed to wax-lined cartons which end up in landfills; these pints cost more. We pay our staff a living wage as opposed to minimum wage, and we donate significantly to our community and causes that matter to us. We are a Certified B Corporation and divert 95% of our waste from landfills. When you purchase a pint of Righteous, you are purchasing far more than just an amazing dessert; you’re supporting a company that cares about and supports their employees, the environment and our community.

Is it true you guys do a team lunch everyday?

That’s right! Our full team takes a lunch break together everyday, with a hot, home cooked meal. You even get to choose the menu on your birthday!

Are your pints BPA free?

Our pints are made from PET level 1 and 2 plastics which are the most widely recycled plastics in the world and are BPA and phthalate free. 

Our Community

Does Righteous support community or charity events?

We do our best to invest in our community whenever we can, and put priority on causes that align with our three Giving Gang pillars: reducing poverty, ending domestic violence and providing opportunities for our next generation, being the youth of tomorrow. Please fill out our donation request and we’ll see what we can do!

Do you guys host private team building activities?

We do! For any occasion you can host an entire group which accommodates up to 8-10 guests. We have options for groups up to 30 guests please fill out the booking request form if you are looking to book out a class.

Are you hiring?

We are always on the lookout for talent and grit. You can see our current postings here.  

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