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At Righteous, we strive to make something for everyone. We take allergens very seriously and use every precaution to uphold our commitment to offering pints that are free from gluten, dairy, egg, soy, GMOs and other priority allergens. Here’s the inside scoop on our ingredients so you can note the possibility of exposure and be mindful when choosing your flavour.

We pride ourselves on going above industry standards to eliminate risks of cross contamination within our production facilities and between flavours. We provide our team with allergen training, use meticulous cleaning and sanitizing procedures, and conduct allergy tests on equipment used to process ingredients with potential allergens to safeguard the integrity of each batch. With that in mind, we do encourage consumers to use the information below to make the best decision for themselves and those with high risk allergies to take all necessary measures of care.

Limited Edition Flavours

Chocolate Easter Egg is a seasonal offering that may contain peanuts and treenuts.  This is due to an outsourced ingredient used in the Chocolate Easter Egg gelato. This particular ingredient comes in with the same ‘May Contains’ statement. This means that even though Nuts were not directly used to make the said ingredient, its absence cannot be guaranteed.

Tree nuts

Coconut is additionally recognized as a tree nut in the USA. We produce one Plant Based Gelato flavour which contain coconut: Dairy Free Dark Chocolate.

A thorough sanitation is conducted between coconut and non-coconut (USA only) production run. Additionally, a specific coconut protein allergen test is conducted on the equipment to verify cleanliness before production begins.


One of our Plant Based Gelato flavours contain peanuts: Chocolate Peanut Butter.

A thorough sanitation is conducted between our peanut and non-peanut containing products, and a peanut allergen test is conducted on the equipment to verify cleanliness before production begins. 


Our production facility does not use ingredients containing gluten on our main line. This means all of our flavours found in grocery stores are free of gluten and an option for those with gluten allergies or sensitivities. Look for the Certified Gluten Free Logo on our package to see our guarantee. 

Small batches made in our Officina and served locally at the Righteous Cafe may have come in contact with allergens, so please be mindful and ask the team when choosing flavours there. 


Our sorbetto is made from fruit and water and is dairy free, as is our plant based gelato. We do, however, run them on the same lines as our gelato which is made from milk. We are committed to thorough sanitation practices to prevent contact between flavours. There is a full cycle of sanitation and a milk allergen test conducted between our gelato and other products (plant based gelato and dairy free sorbetto) to ensure there is no cross contamination.


The chocolate flakes in our Mint Stracciatella do contain soy. The chocolate flakes are added using a separate piece of equipment, therefore our main production line does not come into contact with any soy. The singular piece of equipment used to add the flakes undergoes a full sanitation cycle between production of different flavours, and an allergen test is conducted on the equipment before production begins.


We are committed to producing high quality authentic gelato and sorbetto made with only natural, non GMO ingredients. We source milk and other ingredients as locally as possible to strengthen our surrounding economy. Our milk and cream in our dairy based gelato sometimes becomes a part of the conversation around what cows are fed. We have a rigorous supplier approval program based on predefined acceptance criteria to maintain our high standards around sourcing. Our supplier has given us this statement to help everyone make their own decisions around feed and how it affects the milk we use

Take a look at our guarantee on our Things We Make page.

Cafe and Officina

The Righteous Cafe and Officina have dedicated personnel, equipment and ingredients, and is located in a separate area from our main production line. Our cafe serves specialty flavours made in the Officina, some of which contain milk, peanuts, tree nuts and other priority allergens. Please keep this in mind when choosing a flavour if you visit the Righteous Cafe or participate in a Gelato Academy in the Officina.

Restaurant Partners

Righteous proudly serves restaurants and cafes. We take every precaution to eliminate allergen risks from our offerings, however we do not have control over the environment of other restaurants. Therefore, be mindful when choosing a flavour and please ask the restaurant or cafe you are dining at for their allergen information.

Thank you for your trust and continued support,

James & the Righteous Team

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