New size, lower price, same deliciousness!

Friday March 22, 2024

As of Spring 2024, our jars will be a little bit different, and here is why! 

You may not know, but the standard size for ice cream is 473ml in North America. When we started, the only size of a clear container we could use was slightly larger, 562ml. So for the past 10 years our pints have been slightly more expensive than we would like. 

With the rising prices of groceries across Canada this past year, we know it hasn’t been easy for anyone, and we wanted to find a way to ensure you can keep enjoying Righteous, at an even better price.

Hence why we made our jar the same size as almost everyone else, and unlike most companies that reduce their product size, we gave that money back to our retailer partners, so they could in turn offer you a lower price.

Unfortunately we cannot mandate that retailers pass these savings onto you, but we are optimistic that they will. 

We have great partnerships with them, and they are very supportive of this transition - making food more accessible and affordable for Canadians.

We have always taken pride in the high quality ingredients, handcrafted processes and innovative flavours that we offer, and our number one goal is to ensure we remain accessible for everyone, while maintaining that quality. 

We hope that this transparency and reasoning reiterates how important your trust in us is. It’s because of fans like you that our team at Righteous gets to do what we love each and everyday, and continue to use our company as a force for good in the world.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

#ServesUp, Team Righteous 

To hear more about the change here is a message from James Boettcher, Custodian of Culture and CEO at Righteous.

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