Press Release

Righteous Enters the USA

Wednesday July 15, 2020

This summer marks the entrance of Righteous Gelato to the US. Having grown into the number one gelato brand in Canada - with national distribution in over 2,500 stores - Righteous is ready to spread happiness to new fans across America. Whole Foods will carry three of the company’s dairy free pint flavours in their 22 locations across Washington and Oregon.

The goal of expanding into the US is partly what prompted Righteous to change its name earlier this year.  “Like many things in life, you cannot anticipate what the future may hold. When we started we had no idea that one day the affinity for our products and purpose would allow us to enrich people’s lives outside of Canada, and that presented an opportunity to rethink who we are and what we stand for” says Boettcher. “Righteous truly embodies the spirit that we have created over the last 10 years, and exemplifies the optimism of our people, our better than expected products, and our unwavering purpose in doing what’s right.”

What started as the little gelato shop that could has evolved into something greater - a pursuit to make the world awesome. Righteous hopes to continue its expansion across the US beyond the Pacific Northwest starting in 2021. 

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