Core Virtues

Culture begins with deciding what you value most. Then, over time, it becomes what you do when no one is looking. Culture is a set of actions, not beliefs. These 8 core virtues govern our decisions everyday, and the way we live out our mission and vision. 

Righteous Gelato Core Virtues - Core Values

We are obsessed with quality and integrity

How we do anything is how we do everything and truly the quality, accountability, reliability and integrity of each of our work, coupled with the decisions we make, is most important.

We are connected to our customers, community & environment

We stay connected to our fans by building trust and long lasting relationships. Community is at the heart of what we do through Giving Gang. And we care for Mother Earth and are mindful of our footprint.

We thrive through growth, wellness & constant improvement

We want people to thrive at Righteous; we do our best work when we feel our best, constantly learn, and find ways to feed our mind, body and soul.

We will always be innovative & creative

This very important virtue is all about thinking differently. Whether it’s creating or innovating systems, processes, products or how we treat others.

We have the courage to do more with less

Forward thinking, financial, and environmental prudence. Doing more with less is a mindset that makes the impossible, possible. MacGyver would be proud.

We foster a culture where everyone is welcome

Our belonging agreement makes it abundantly clear that everyone is welcome here. We take great strides to make others feel noticed, a part of the team, and always treat others with respect and dignity.

We will leave it better than we found it

By simply being mindful of this as we craft our work, in every interaction, in every decision we make - from the time we enter the building to the time we leave - it is the one that makes all the difference.

Enjoy the ride, together

Life is about the journey, not the end result. Combining the past, present, and future, this highlights our ability to work as a team on an exploration who, no matter what, work in sync to achieve great things.