Hey USA!

Who We Are

What started as a small gelato shop in 2003, Righteous Gelato has quickly become the industry leader not only for our commitment to the craft but also for our approach to doing business differently. Available in grocery stores across Canada, and now serving up the Pacific Northwest USA, the purpose driven team at Righteous stands by our mission to enrich people’s lives, we just happen to do it by making gelato.

Things We Make

All of our pint offerings have the best quality ingredients we can get our hands on—it’s what makes every pint taste so good! We never use artificial flavours or colours and, aside from the natural sugars found in fruit, our gelato and sorbetto is only sweetened with pure cane sugar. None of our products contain corn syrup or mono and diglycerides, instead we use a stabilizer that comes from plants. Our plant based varieties are dairy free and our sorbetto is always gluten and animal fat free, as well as vegan friendly.

Now Scooping

Find us in the Pacific North West